Surviving The Downturn In Alberta

We can only guess how long the downturn will last, but “waiting it out” is no longer an option. There are jobs out there, but competition is fiercer than ever before. You need to give yourself an advantage over the competition.

Job boards and online postings only accounted for one in four hires in Calgary last year. So why do so many job seekers completely focus their job search on this one method?

They are listening to outdated or just plain wrong advice.

Surviving the Downturn was created to show Albertans (especially those who haven’t searched for a job in a few years) what the flood of job seekers are doing wrong, what hiring managers want, and how to market yourself to employers to give you a competitive edge to survive the downturn.

What People Are Saying About Surviving the Downturn

I highly recommend this book as a core resource for both the frustrated job seeker and the courageous career changer! Their explanation of how to utilize technology to benefit the job search as well as how to run through the basics is focused and implementable. Reading this and experimenting with the recommended process will begin move the situation forward.

Arlayna Alcock BA, M.Ed, CCDP, Career Advisor, Bow Valley College, Calgary

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In This eBook You Will Learn...

  • What’s Changed In Job Search That Is Holding You Back

    From the way employers prefer to hire in Alberta, to their expectations of how a job seeker should represent themselves, things have changed that you need to know to have an advantage in today’s job market.

  • Why Your Industry Switch Is Failing

    Talking to employers and job seekers, there is a disconnect between hiring managers in other industries and energy professionals wanting to get off the oil and gas roller coaster. Learn how to bridge the trust gap and successfully transition your career.

  • How To Network - You Don't Have To Do It Alone

    More jobs are filled through networking than the online application system, so why do so many job seekers rely on internet job boards? Learn how to network strategically, with a plan in place.

What You Will Get With Surviving The Downturn

Surviving the Downturn is a concise guide on what has changed in job search in Alberta, from the methods employers prefer to hire, to the expectations hiring managers demand from your professional brand. The eBook will show you what strategies work, through real-life examples, and provide a roadmap for you to build a job search strategy and professional brand with our templates and exercises.

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Introduction

1: Who This Book Is For
2. What to do if you have been laid off

Section 2: What Has Changed

3. What Has Changed With Job Search?
4. Résumés
5. Cover Letters
6. The Black Hole Of Applicant Tracking Systems
7. The Hidden Job Market
8. LinkedIn: A Necessity, Not An Option

Section 3: What To Do

9. Your Strategic Job Search Plan
10. How To Switch Industries
11. How To Analyze A Job Post
12. What Is Networking?
13. LinkedIn: Privacy And Time Management
14. The 5Ws Of LinkedIn

Section 4: Afterword

15. Thank You
16. Resources
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