LinkedIn Speaker - Dave Byrnes

Microsoft paid $26B for LinkedIn's audience of half a billion professionals.

How much could it be worth to your business or career?

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What Clients Have to Say

  • You provided amazing value in your presentation - it was customized for our audience, well-prepared and thought-out, and humorous! Dave provided many practical key-takeaways for LinkedIn users. Well - done Dave!
    Tina Varughese President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Calgary)
  • I consider myself quite a proficient LinkedIn user so to have Dave mention things that I never considered or tried was really inspiring. I can't recommend him enough.
    James Tomasson Bow Valley College
  • I had the privilege to have Dave Byrnes speak at our November eWomenNetwork dinner meeting. The ladies LOVED Dave’s content rich talk. He demystified LinkedIn in a very easy to understand manner. We all went home with some great tips & tricks to support us in our online journey. I would highly recommend working with Dave!
    Yvonne Basten eWomen Network

LinkedIn for Business

The 5Ws of LinkedIn for Business

Who is your audience? What are their problems? Why can you solve them? Where are they active? When do we meet?

Learn a simple framework for leveraging LinkedIn for business success. Go from a LinkedIn novice to an influencer with an ongoing source of leads and partnerships.

  • Simplify your marketing by connecting directly with your target audience
  • Discover LinkedIn’s best kept secret and build a free lead generation system through LinkedIn’s 450M+ user base
  • Learn how to professionally brand yourself as the solution to your customer’s problems

How LinkedIn Killed the Cold Call

In 2007 it took an average of 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. Today it takes 8 attempts. In today’s culture the cold call typically isn’t answered, let alone welcome, and organizations have a network of gatekeepers to protect decision makers from intrusions. LinkedIn has changed the B2B sales game with its unprecedented access to information on decision makers and the ability to ditch the cold call in favour of a warm introduction.

  • Leverage LinkedIn’s database of 450M+ users to find the right people
  • Learn how social selling techniques are giving businesses an unfair advantage
  • Understand how prospects research you and your company to start a conversation before you have met a prospect

LinkedIn for Careers

The 5Ws of LinkedIn for Careers

The job market has never been more competitive and knowing the right people ever more important. Leverage LinkedIn and laser-targeted networking to build influential relationships and professionally brand yourself to transition from a job applicant to a sought-after asset.

  • Understand the job market and how employers want to hire people
  • Learn how to strategically and successfully build an influential network that can change your career trajectory
  • Research your dream job and position yourself as the solution to dream employer’s problems

Career Hacker: The Future of Careers

Robotics, artificial intelligence and the global workforce will change the face of employment and your career. Employers are looking at your online presence, and if you aren’t controlling your story, someone else is. As technology connects the world, yet disconnects us from each other, real relationships and strategic networking will become a huge competitive advantage.

  • Learn how big data can help you plot a successful and fulfilling career, and give you an advantage to be where the opportunities are (Skate where the puck will be)
  • Position yourself as a valuable asset to organizations, rather than yet another job seeker
  • Understand that real networking and relationships come through adding value

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