Sales for Introverts with LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn for business can help introverts improve sales by working to your strengths. Thanks to technology, the old stereotype of the extroverted, cold-calling sales professional is irrelevant in today’s market. As old sales methods become more ineffective, the need to develop deeper relationships through networking tools like LinkedIn increases.

Introvert Sales Strengths

  • Listening – An introvert’s natural tendency to listen first suits today’s sales environment where asking questions and finding needs leads to success.
  • Relationship Building – Our desire to build deeper relationships builds trust and long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Research – Attention to detail and the ability to research means you will talk to the right prospects, avoid needless rejection, and serve them better.

LinkedIn vs Cold Calling

Cold Calling: The bottom-up sales strategy

  • 1. The Gatekeeper

    Cold call gatekeeper (front desk) and try to gain access to a decision maker.

  • 2. The Go-Between

    Pitch to wrong person who doesn’t have the authority to buy.

  • 3. The Decision Maker

    Go-between delivers garbled version of your message to decision maker. Sale stalls out.

LinkedIn: The top-down sales method

  • 1. Find & Reach

    Use LinkedIn to find and reach the person with the power to make the decision.

  • 2. Qualify

    Have a real discussion about their needs and build a relationship.

  • 3. Take Action

    Decision maker approves action and instructs subordinates to work with you.

Don’t like rejection? Minimize it with effective research and by talking to the right people.

Go where your audience is

It’s simple, if you selling to other businesses, the decision makers in these B2B companies are on LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn has 500M of the World’s professionals as users. It is an org chart of the companies you want to sell to
  • LinkedIn’s users have more seniority and buying power than any other social media
  • People join LinkedIn to develop their professional networks. It is built for social selling and networking

LinkedIn is Google for professionals.