LinkedIn for Business

Stop pitching and cold calling and start building relationships

Has LinkedIn killed the cold call? Not quite, but it is growing more and more difficult each year to reach your target audience through cold calling. Some salespeople and business owners speak of rejection like a badge of honour but it isn't necessary.

What if you could stop cold calling and start building relationships with your target audience? Ditch the shotgun approach and use laser-targeted networking to start a conversation with potential clients you can help.

Cold Calling: The bottom-up sales strategy

  • 1. The Gatekeeper

    Cold call professional gatekeeper (front desk) to give you access to decision maker. Might get passed on.

  • 2.The Go-Between

    Spend time and energy pitching to go-between who would like to buy but doesn’t have the authority.

  • 3. The Decision Maker

    Go-between delivers watered-down, garbled version of your message. No action.

LinkedIn: The top-down sales method

  • 1. Find & Reach

    Use LinkedIn to find and reach a decision maker.

  • 2. Qualify

    Have a real discussion about their needs and build a relationship.

  • 3. Take Action

    Decision maker approves action and instructs subordinates to work with you.

Do you want to make cold calls or find targeted, qualified leads with LinkedIn?

Stop the overwhelm with LinkedIn for Business

Business owners have never had more choice in lead generation. We have never had more demands on our time and money. It is overwhelming.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be on every social media platform or advertising channel. The simple rule: go where your audience is!

If you are in a B2B or professional services industry, then your audience is on LinkedIn. With more than 450M users freely sharing their professional information, LinkedIn has created the World’s largest organizational chart for you to find the decision makers in your audience.

“LinkedIn is Google for professionals.”

What is LinkedIn?

  • What LinkedIn is not:

    LinkedIn is not an online resume
    LinkedIn is not an online job board

  • What LinkedIn is:

    It is a global organizational chart (450M+) to find decision makers who can impact your business
    It is where buyers go to vet companies and people

"Facebook is for who you already know. LinkedIn is for who you should know..."

Common mistakes on LinkedIn that hold businesses back

  • Leaving Money on the Table

    As few as 3% of prospects are ready to buy when they first discover you. About 30% will never buy. That leaves 67% that are open but not ready to buy now.


    Do you have a system to nurture leads or are you burning leads and only focusing on the 3%? By building relationships and providing value on LinkedIn, you can educate and stay top of mind until your audience is ready to move forward.
  • Poor Branding and Marketing

    Many people still see LinkedIn as an online resume rather than a unique marketing opportunity to reach B2B and professional service audiences.


    Business owners and salespeople who talk about themselves, rather than how they can help their audience, will not engage a viewer to learn more. Other businesses suffer from trying to appeal to everyone. If your offer is so broad that it includes everyone, your true target audience will go elsewhere to find a solution tailored to their needs.
  • Passive, Instead of Active

    Expecting your target audience to come find you is a risky strategy on LinkedIn, or anywhere else. The majority of businesses on LinkedIn adopt a passive strategy and as a result do not get results.


    Those seeing results on LinkedIn use its powerful search to find and reach out to their target audience. Building a network of partners and advocates is another powerful strategy to get your business in front of its audience.