Calgary LinkedIn Expert - Dave Byrnes

I work with business owners and professionals who want to use LinkedIn to find opportunities.

Ask any successful person and they will tell you they didn’t make it alone. You need a network to make it in your career or in business.

It took me a few years to learn this lesson after moving to Calgary. After stalling in my career, I began to study and work with LinkedIn experts to move my career forward, and then build a business around helping people with LinkedIn.

That’s the short version.

Why I Became a LinkedIn Expert

When I moved to Calgary (Canada) from Australia a decade ago I had no idea how to network for jobs or what LinkedIn was. Not surprisingly, my career suffered.

Calgary was a “Who you know” city and I made every mistake in the job search book. I accepted bad advice from internet “experts” and ploughed all my efforts into the online job application system. As my career stagnated and my frustration grew, I realized there must be a better way and began to learn about the hidden job market, networking and LinkedIn.

As an introvert, networking was the last thing I wanted to do because I thought it was about asking for favours or taking from people (and talking to strangers!). The tipping point came when I learned (through people in my network) that networking was about giving value first and I began to crack open the hidden job market and land job interviews.

Enter LinkedIn and I began to see the full potential of strategic networking. I learned everything I could about LinkedIn until the point where people in Calgary started offering to pay me to be their LinkedIn business coach. It was then I decided I wanted to help people who were stuck in their career or business, and learn from my mistakes (rather than making them).

Who I Help With LinkedIn

These days I help job seekers and businesses in Canada, the United States and around the World, professionally brand themselves as the solution to an audience’s problems.

I help small business owners use LinkedIn to find opportunities and simplify their marketing by building a network of potential customers and strategic partners.

I show job seekers how to get access to more opportunities by skipping the online job application black hole and building relationships with the hiring managers of their dream job.